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I would like to welcome everyone to Aesthetic Facial Enhancement and I hope that you find this site informative and educational in an unbiased and factual way.

As both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine is progressing at such a rapid rate with technological advances and treatment techniques I believe it is vital to keep informed from a scientific and medically researched approach. Furthermore, the interest aesthetic medicine has sparked, from topical products all the way to invasive treatments, is phenomenal and exciting.

Following from my work as the Anti-ageing Expert, from my own practices in Cape Town and London, and the regular updates from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine, I have noticed not only a demand but also a need from consumers to learn more about these technological advances and treatment techniques in both cosmetic and aesthetic medicine.

Even though Botox has been used in medicine for almost 30 years, the cosmetic use of Botox is constantly changing with new injecting techniques and areas of application. It is possible to lift the nasal tip, to lift breasts, lift and reshape the eyebrow, and even lift the corners of the mouth with the use of Botox today. Total volume restoration and the correct placement of dermal fillers can replace the dropped and thinned fat pads bringing back definition and youthfulness to our faces.


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Aesthetic Medicine - The Future  

Skin tightening and lifting procedures coupled with skin rejuvenation and laser wrinkle removal allows patients today the ability to delay or prevent surgery, maintain a youthful glow to their skins, and offers an alternative for those who do not wish to use injectable treatment options. 

The Resource Section has a visual Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification that allows you to classify your own skin type accurately and this has a direct impact on various treatments and topical products that you should choose. A visual Acne Grading System allows both adults and teenagers an exact tool for grading their acne and this ultimately allows for the correct treatment options.

Another aim of this web page is to allow both current and future patients an insight into all the treatments we are offering, how they work, and what results could be expected. 


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