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MBBCh (WITS) 1992
ATLS (ACS) 1998
MBA (UCT) 2000

Private Practice: 20 Years

Allergan Local Country Ambassador Facial Aesthetics (LCA)

Chairman of Western Cape AAMSSA (Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine Society of SA)

Allergan Medical Aesthetic Academy:

Founding Member of the SA Allergan Medical Aesthetics Academy

Chair of Inaugural Launch October 2012

Lecturer at International Congresses:

  1. WCAM (World Congress in Aesthetic Medicine) Cape Town February 2013:
      1. Pre Congress Workshop
      2. Approach to Lips: Cannula versus Needle
      3. Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
      4. Novel Approach to Skin Tightening: Combination Bi-Polar Radiofrequency & Infra-Red with Fractional Bi-Polar Radiofrequency
      5. Dermal Filler Complications & Avascular Necrosis Case Study
  2. ICAD (International Congress in Aesthetic Dermatology) Bangkok January 2013:
    1. Approach to Lips: Cannula versus Needle
  3. AMWC Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress Monte Carlo March 2013:
    1. Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
      1. Contributing Lectures in Aesthetic Dermatology
  4. National Congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine Rome March 2013:
    1. Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
      1. Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine
  5. Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress Paris October 2013:
    1.  Dermal Filler Complications & Avascular Necrosis Case Study
    2. Lip Contouring: Bolus versus Linear Threading
  6. Allergan Medical Aesthetic Academy Expert Forum Emerging Markets Prague October 2013: Key Note Speaker
    1. Optimising Lifting Effects with Juvederm Voluma & Understanding the Retaining System of the Face
  7. XV Congress Polish Dermatological Surgical Society March 2014:
    1. Live demonstration: Lip Enhancement Bolus versus Linear Threading
    2. Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
      1. Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine
      2. Derma Filler Complications: Avascular Necrosis
      3. Lip Enhancement: Bolus versus Linear Threading
  8. DASIL September 2014:
  9. New Approaches to Mid-face and Peri-Orbital Rejuvenation Workshop:
    1. Presentation: Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
    2. Live demo: Bolus Lift Technique
  10. AMCSA 2015:
  11. Scientific Co-Coordinator:
    1. Achieving Natural results:
      1. Facial Fat Pads and Surface Anatomy
  12. Allergan Symposium:
  13. Patient Consultation Dynamics
  14. Technology Applications for the Aesthetic Practice
  15. Live Demo;
    1. Upper Face
    2. Mid face
    3. Lower Face
  16. AMCSA 2016:
  17. Unlocking the codes to Creating Facial Harmony
  1. Botulinum Toxin & Fillers Update:
    1. Treating Young Patients a Full face Approach
    2. Practical Live Demo:
      1. Dermal fillers for the cheek and chin
  2. Dermatology Aesthetic Review Group 2016:
    1. Understanding The MD Codes for Facial Dermal Fillers
  3. ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) 2016
    1. A multi-disciplinary approach to creating facial harmony: Tips from AMI Global:
      1. Current Global trends in treating young patients
    1. Allergan Symposium: A multicultural approach to beauty: Tips from the Global Allergan Medical Institute

Allergan Product Launches (South Africa):

  1. National Launch Juvederm Smile & Juvederm Hydrate: co-presented and live demo injection techniques with Dr Koen de Boulle (Dermatologist Belgium): 2010
  2. Cape Town Voluma Launch and Cannula Injecting Techniques: 2010
  3. Allergan Expert Meeting: National Voluma 1ml Product Launch 2012; co-presented with Dr Mauricio de Maio (Plastic Surgeon Brazil)
    1. Presentation: Achieving Optimal Outcomes with Juvederm Voluma 1ml with lidocaine & Patient Case Study

Allergan Sponsored Workshops:

  1. Co-presented Juvederm filler techniques with Dr Greg Wahl (Dermatologist Germany): 2009
  2. Advanced Dermal Filler Workshop for Dermatologists Gauteng: 2010
  3. Advanced Juvederm and Botox® workshops nationally (presentation, model demo, & individual hands on doctor training): 2011
  1. Durban
  2. Pretoria
  3. Bloemfontein
  4. George
  5. Port Elizabeth
  6. Cape Town

South African National Presentations:

  1. 2013:

    1. Cosmedica:
      1. Pre Congress Botulinum Toxin Masterclass: co-presented with Professor Massimo Signorini (Plastic Surgeon Italy)
      2. Live Demo: Anatomy Cadaver Masterclass with live model demo of Botox® Treatments Upper Face
      3. Optimising Lifting Effects with Dermal Fillers
      4. Approach to Lips
      5. Dermal Filler Complications: Avascular Necrosis
  2. 2012:

    1. AMAA Inaugural Launch:
      1. Importance of AMAA Standardisation
      2. Patient safety & Avoiding Vital Structures
      3. Glabellar Training Standardisation
      4. Expert 2 Overview
    2. Cosmedica Congress:
      1. Cadaver Dissection with the Experts
      2. Expert Sessions:
      3.  Neuromodulators & Fillers:
        1. Chairman
        2. Presentation: Mid Face Rejuvenation
        3. Live Model Demo
          1. Advanced best practice for neuromodulators & fillers
            1. Co presented with Dr Javier Beut & Dr Massimo Signori
            2. Laser Lipolysis
      4. Beginner Sessions:
        1. Live Model Demo
          1. Dermal Filler Master Class: choosing the right product for the right area
          2. Presentations:
            1. New Trends in Neuromodulators:
              1. Masseteric Hypertrophy
              2. Lower Face & Neck Botulinum Toxin
      5. Company Workshop:
        1. Syneron eTwo: Sublative & Sublime Technologies
  3. 2011:

    1. Western Cape Aesthetic Review Committee: Consensus Recommendations 2008
    2. AMCSA:
      1. Advanced Workshop: Approach to the Mid and Lower Face with fillers and cannula techniques
      2. Botox injecting techniques and approaches for men
      3. Filler Complications and their Management
      4. ePrime: A Novel Fractional Device
  4. SAACD 1st Scientific Meeting: Consensus Recommendations from 2008
  5. Medical Aesthetic Convention Cape Town:
    1. Laser Assisted Lipolysis
  6. 2010:

    1. AMCSA:
      1. Topical Products for the Male Skin
      2. Sublative Rejuvenation: Bi-Polar Radiofrequency Fractional Skin Resurfacing
  7. 2009:

    1. AMCSA:
      1. Matrix RF: A Novel Fractional Skin Resurfacing Device
      2. Genop Healthcare Workshop: Treatment Approach to the Eye Area (Botox and fillers)
  8. 2008:

    1. AMCSA:
      1. Botox Techniques, Dosages and Approaches: Upper Face
      2. eMax: Multi Platform Device
  9. Other:
    1. Eucerin Product Launch 2012: Guest Speaker
    2. Nivea Product Launch 2010: Guest Speaker
    3. CIDESCO 2009: Non Surgical Treatments
    4. Cape Town Spa Conference 2009: Botox and Fillers
    5. Longevity Anti-Ageing Open Day 2009: Guest Speaker: Latest Treatments for the Face
    6. Professional Beauty 2009: Injectable Treatments for the Face

Advisory Positions:

  1. Allergan Local Country Mentor
  2. Allergan Advanced National Trainer for Botox.
  3. AllerganAdvanced National Trainer for Dermal Fillers.
  4.  Anti-Ageing Advisor.
  5. Radiant Healthcare Medical Advisor: IPL and Laser technology.
  6. Associate of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


AAAM: American Association of Aesthetic Medicine

IAPAM: The International Asscoiation of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine

WOSAAM: The World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine


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