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Even though sun is beneficial to both physical and mental health, excessive exposure without adequate protection can cause alterations such as:

Sunburn, Sun Spots, Photo-ageing, Skin Cancer:

Heliocare Gel SPF50 - Oil free gel designed for everyday use suitable for combination, oily and blemish prone skin.

Heliocare Silk Gel SPF30 - An effective combination of technologically advanced UVA/UVB filters including two new filters for added UVA protection –These have a powerful action against free radicals responsible for ageing and skin damage.

Heliocare XF Gel SPF50: Gel designed for everyday use suitable for dry/mature skins.

Heliocare Spray SPF50: A non-greasy spray ideal for the body and children with a built in SPF50

New studies have demonstrated that in addition to UVB and UVA, Infrared Radiation (IR-A), High Energy (HEV) part of visible light can also cause skin damage. Hence complete photo protection is required in order to provide protection against all these radiations.

This opens the door to a new era in photo protection with a 360° effect – Heliocare 360°.

Heliocare 360° offers the most complete coverage spectrum due to an exclusive combination of physical, chemical and biological filters that protect against UVB, UVA, IR-A and visible light.3

Heliocare 360° offers intense antioxidant protection with Fernblock FC, a natural patented active ingredient enriched with Ferulic and caffeic acid, which neutralises free radical activity.3

Heliocare 360° helps repair damage to cellular and mitochondrial DNA due to the presence of roxisomes.3

Heliocare 360°’s innovative Smart Galenic photoimmunoprotective action offers full coverage with an ultralight texture.3

When used with Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules the Heliocare 360° range truly provides optimised protection inside and out.

Heliocare sun protection, inside and out.

The Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50, 30, Spray and 360° range is available from


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