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Cavitational Therapy

The latest Technology in Body Reshaping

A totally painless and effective treatment for body reshaping Cavix is a safe and effective method of destroying adipose cells in localized fat areas. It is a non-invasive treatment using cavitation ‘fat breaking technology’. The results are visible and measurable especially in areas difficult to reduce by diet or exercise such as the love handles, chin, jowls, saddle bags and abdomen or tummy.

Why is cavitation effective in reducing stubborn localized fat deposits resistant to reshaping?

The Cavitation method uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression on fat cells causing the cell walls to breakdown.

Cavix an effective treatment with a gentle touch:

The waves Cavix emits only affect fat cells because of their size and constitution; they are not elastic so they are easily eliminated. This system does not damage blood vessels or adjacent lymphatic vessels because of their difference in consistency and elasticity.


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Bookings: +27 (0)21 797 0960


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